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Inkaholics LtdPosted by Stefan Dinu 19 Jun, 2014 00:34:35
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Posted by Melani Maciulyte 28 Nov, 2016 19:01:36

Hey, I am a student and I'm doing my capstone senior project on the therapeutic benefits of tattoos and their place in modern and ancient cultures. I'm interested in tattoos from a psychological and medicinal stand-point and I was hoping to learn more about tattoos in general as well as more in depth studies. I live in Bali, Indonesia and while there are plenty of tattoo shops here, most are illegal and don't have any certification and I would much rather learn from legitimate artists who take tattooing seriously and are above board. I'm going to be in London for January and was wondering if it would be possible for me to do a month long internship at your studio. I'd like to help however I can and watch masters at their craft and learn from their experiences. I'm not looking for payment, knowledge and experience is plenty. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Melani Maciulyte